If you've heard of the Lean Startup movement than you are familiar with the term, Minimal Viable Product (MVP) used to describe the smallest iteration of your idea to test fundamental theories about it. We agree with the theories and potential effectiveness of the Lean Startup methodology, but have two fundamental differences which underly the Rapid Vision Development approach.

  1. You can build almost anything to revenue generation in < 3 months for under $20K, which is faster and leaner than most Lean Startup efforts.
  2. No amount of interviews and experiments with hypothetical customers will provide the same data and feedback as actual paying customers.

We put the "valuable" back in the MVP model identify the core value your product is offering, map how to build the minimum product necessary to communicate that value to the early stage customer who will pay you for it.

This approach allows you to build a product that is "finished" — designed specifically for an early set of customers who will benefit (and thus champion later) the most from your core value and pay you from day one.

How does it work?

After your order is confirmed, we will schedule our initial call to get deep into your idea, understand how you view the problem you are solving, for who and how you plan to implement it. From there, we work together to identify the core value, map out your true MVP and define your first customers.

When we are done you'll have a clear plan outlining what to build, who to build it for, how find them, how to get paid for it and what to measure so you can move from early product to the next stage.

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