You get 2 online 1-on-1 pitch sessions with Joshua Bradley who has created and given over 100 pitches for dozens of startups representing millions in funding.

There are a million places to get a pitch deck template online, but we are the only ones that will actually give you feedback on how you pitch, the investor readiness of the idea and instant access to all of the tools potential investors are looking for.

1) Download the tools
2) Schedule time for your first online pitch session
3) Make adjustments based on feedback
4) Schedule final online pitch
5) Receive an assessment covering all aspects of your deck and pitch.

What you get

1) The Startup Pitch Tools

  • My Master Pitch Deck investor pitch deck template to get you started with slide by slide instructions on how best to construct and order your investor pitch
  • My Executive Summary template, the "one pager" investors are looking for.
  • My exclusive One Page Vision template to help you get crystal clear on the deck material and your story

2) Validate your pitch

Schedule a live online pitch session with Joshua to:

  • Deliver the pitch
  • Get real feedback on your slide content
  • Find out if your pitch is investable
  • Get a chance to improve and one more online session to pitch and get final feedback

"I have been on both sides of the projector and have raised millions for my own and other people's startups—if you don't feel like your pitch is better after our session, I'll return your money." - Joshua Bradley, creator of Master Pitch

This startup pitch deck is not only perfect for early stage and seed stage entrepreneurs but for any startup doing investment, demo day or accelerator style pitches.

"You absolutely need a one pager, and you also need a slide deck" - Inc. Magazine

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