Your Questions Answered About the Year of Magic Course🔮🪄
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Your Questions Answered About the Year of Magic Course🔮🪄

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What can I expect at the end of the 12 weeks?

When I surveyed people about the areas of their life they are looking to address with this course, everyone responded with specific areas of focus but also that they were looking to impact every area of their life. At the end of the 12-week course, you will have a personalized framework to make the changes in your life you are looking for that has been workshopped through the cohort to make the most impact.

How much time will it require each week?

The intention of the weekly email is to have you living and thinking about the theme all week. There are a couple of components to each week, the practice for should take an hour or less and the weekly meeting will be scheduled for 90 minutes. 

Is this course about running/health?

No! There is no requirement to run or focus on food or health. In my experience, the inner landscape is key to making the changes and progress we want to have in our life. We will be exploring movement, stillness, and creative practices and there is an invitation to participate in eating a low-inflammation diet to help you get strong signals of health from your body and clarity in your mind. 
The book “Magical Running” is more about a framework for making progress on your goals and cultivating the mindset for achievement, resilience, and joy in the process. I think it is a valuable resource and has something to offer whether you plan to run, or not.

Why are you doing this course?

I built an career out of helping people start businesses and creating a life they want by doing the work that is important to them. I have also spent the last ten years deeply exploring my biology, mindfulness, relationships, and becoming an athlete while being very sick from Crohn’s Disease and enduring twenty surgeries. This course is a distillation of the work I’ve done on myself and for others bringing the practices and frameworks together into something I believe can make extraordinary change in your life.

What is a cohort-based class?

Our cohort is a live course where we will meet weekly to share our experience doing the practices for the week and using the group to clarify, amplify, and integrate that work into our present experience. This format promotes quick change by linking shared experiences in order to develop a framework while improving ourselves.

What is your role in the cohort?

The cohort meetings won’t be a lecture or “class” as you’ve experienced before. My role is as a mentor and facilitator, keeping us focused on the present work and connecting the dots between what is being shared and how that might inform progress.
What do you think holds most people back from making the changes they want in their life?
When we want to make a change in our life whether it is for work, health, or a specific goal, we have an idea of what we need to do but often feel anxiety, overwhelm, or fear about taking the first and next steps. If we want to place on the podium at a marathon, it’s pretty easy to convince ourselves that we need a coach and a training plan to help us get there. With work, relationships, health, or starting a new business, it can be difficult to find that kind of mentorship or framework. That is what this course is about—guiding the process of getting clarity around what you want and taking the next steps to making that a reality.

Will you be available to talk with me one-on-one?

Yes! If you hit a spot where you are looking for additional help, or have something that you aren’t comfortable addressing with the group, I am happy to jump on a call (phone or video) to talk.

Can I do this on my own?

Many people are interested in the course, but can’t commit to the cohort at this time. I’ve made a self-paced version available that could be started at any time, but I highly suggest that once started, the weeks are done in succession. With the self-paced course, you will receive the books, weekly emails, and all other resources, and have the opportunity to check in with me one-on-one three times throughout your 12-weeks.