Year of Magic Course

Year of Magic Course

Your Year of Magic is a 12-week cohort-based course to build a framework to make significant changes in your life. Designed to meet you exactly where you are and help you to fully engage in creating a year unlike any other. Use this live course to change your health, crush your athletic goals, start a new business, or simply get more out of the life and relationships you have. Come join us!

June 16th Cohort
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June 16th Cohort - Full (save $50!)
Only 10 left

"You can't do what you want till you know what you're doing." -Moshé Feldenkrais

Create Your Year of Magic

We often think of magic as something that just happens or makes things appear, but magic is a skill gained through discipline and study, with the goal of honing of the latent powers that reside inside. The most powerful wielders of magic more mature, the tricks and skills of our youth—often used to cheat or be mischievous—give way to enacting justice and noble quests.

Join me and others in a 12-week cohort dedicated to unlocking, clarifying, nurturing, and putting into practice a year unlike any other. Your Year of Magic is about leveling up—not just achieving, but discovering, testing, and co-creating transformative changes in your life. Together, we will construct a framework that can be used to make radical changes in your health, work, or reach new athletic milestones. Along the way we will be aiming to increase your experience of joy, fulfillment, and connection as you create your magical year.

Use this course to:
  • Change your health
  • Crush your athletic goals
  • Start a new business
  • Get more out of the life and relationships you have
  • Use the power of a group to help you uncover what’s next
Your Year of Magic will include:
  • A 12-week journey featuring weekly emails with the focus and practice for the week.
  • A weekly meeting (~1.5 hours) where we will clarify our process and framework together.
  • A process to help reduce inflammation through diet, increase energy, and reduce brain fog so you can see and feel clearly.
  • An introduction to stillness, movement, and creative practices.  
  • Books to support the journey including, Magical Running by Bobby McGee (running not required), and my Autoimmune Protocol Diet cookbook (as a PDF) designed to reduce inflammation.
  • One-on-one feedback via email (even a call with me, if needed)
  • An extensive list of additional resources for reading, diet, supplementation, and meditation.

Week 0: Preparing to Conjure Magic
Before we start, take a week to get a baseline down for where you are at: How are you feeling? What is emerging in this new year that you want to explore? Your homework for Week Zero will be:
  • Keep a food journal to get a baseline for your current eating habits.
  • Engage in meditation and/or journaling to ideate on what a magical year would look like to you.
  • If you already know what your magical year would look like, get curious! Start asking questions about why this is the next step for you and how it would set you up for the future.

Can I do this on my own?
I’ve made a self-paced version available that could be started at any time, but I highly suggest that once started, the weeks are done in succession. With the self-paced course, you will receive the books, weekly emails, and all other resources, and have the opportunity to check in with me one-on-one three times throughout your 12-weeks.