Joshua is an autoimmune athlete with Crohn's Disease living on the Central Coast looking to share his experiences in the hopes of helping people with autoimmune diseases thrive.
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about joshua

Joshua Bradley is passionate about making life better as an impact-focused entrepreneur, chef, and autoimmune athlete.

After being told by doctors that they didn't know how to resolve the extreme inflammation from his Crohn's disease, Joshua dove deep into researching genetics, the microbiome, mitochondrial health, fasting, and ketosis. He synthesized what he learned into a diet and training program that put his Crohn's into deep remission for three years and launched him into a previously unknown world as a cyclist, runner, and triathlete.

Joshua has developed eco-friendly plastics for the yoga and shoe industries, started The Silk Experience fine-dining dinner club, and has had a 20-year career in technology from the IT department to co-founder of an Ed-tech startup. He is currently making good-for-your-gut food with his wife at their gluten-free bakery,