Cookbook Signing & 5k Run in November
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Cookbook Signing & 5k Run in November

This week I had my first ileoscopy since my surgery last year. The results were, "everything looks normal." In 11 years I've never heard these words from my doctors. The second thing my gastro said was, "keep doing what you're doing!"

What have I been doing? Running, cooking, and eating in my Slow Carb (modified keto) style. It's hard for me to wrap my head around "normal" when my normal for the last 11 years has been maxed out deductibles, 1+ surgeries per year, out of control inflammation, and an impossible to predict quality of life. I'm looking forward to diving more into the experience of the last year, and to kick it off, I'm really excited to announce a 2-part event at Fleet Feet Monterey with donations benefitting Crohn's & Colitis Foundation!

November 17th & 18th at Fleet Feet Monterey
Q&A + Crohn's AIP Cookbook signing with food from Switch Bakery on Friday night followed by a 5k community run/walk Saturday morning.

Get the details and sign up for one or both here!