My Conversation with Coach Menachem, Part 2
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My Conversation with Coach Menachem, Part 2

For part 2 of my conversation with Menachem Brodie from Human Vortex Training, we focus on training, the power of a movement practice on health, and how to find and collaborate with a health team and coach. This was probably my all-time favorite conversation on training with an autoimmune disease — we cover a lot of ground but get a chance to talk about how we started working together and how that's evolved. If I had to pick one key takeaway, it would be the power of consistent small actions:

  • Starting out focused on small actions like walking around the block that I knew I could accomplish each day, even on bad days.
  • By focusing on small actions, I believed I could build a sense of progress and health during uncertain times.
  • Mapping out a plan with milestones provided something I didn't have to think about — just show up do the scheduled activity each day.
  • The "little work" enabled the big gains by giving everything a chance to connect and build on itself providing momentum, greater capacity, and, ultimately, better health.

It was an honor to be invited to talk with Menachem on his podcast and be in the company of some incredibly accomplished guests. I highly recommend listening to the previous episodes, tapping into one of his great programs, and reading his book, Strength Training for Cycling Performance: The Vortex Method’s Ultimate Training Program, which provides a foundation for his philosophy as well as year-round plans you can adapt for your own goals.

*If you haven't heard Part 1, listen here.